Parashara light 7 software

In the rectification module, you can enter five different events in a person's life, and view the changes in Vimshottari, Yogini, or Astottari dasas and subperiods for 10 time periods of 1, 5, 15, or 60 minutes each before and after the birth time. Two of the most important new features for all astrologers are the move to the Swiss Ephemeris for the most accurate calculations and the new, enhanced atlas, with updated time zone and time change information. You can browse the texts and use the bookmark feature to explore what is said about any topic.

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Vedic Astrology Software - Parashara's Light

This module is awesome in its capabilities. Light Up Light Up all the dark balls in this physics puzzle game.

Light Beams are filtered to othe You can now sort any chart listing by any point's sign, Nakshatra, dignity, strength, house occupied, or the number of points softwrae any sign, Nakshatra, house, sign, or dignity. You can also set any screen as your default screen to appear when you open a chartresize and rearrange sotware and tables to your liking, and view many different peoples' charts at the same time, in separate tabs.

This screen also allows you to view delineations on a planet's Nakshatra and the effects of its lordship splus the karakas significations of the planet, its sign, its house, and its drekkana. The program allows you to design up to four different worksheets, each with its own layout. Finally, you can also add to the calendar the day and time when any of 23 dasa systems lord changes, down to 5 levels. One of the Western programs and one of the Vedic program are both designed like a Rolls Royce: You can also associate a meaningful and detailed description with every event.

Caml Light Compile ML files with ease.

This is an excellent set of search features. Many of the program's other functions have been significantly enhanced too in this version, including Varshaphal and the animated softwarre screen.

Parashara's Light

With the new Design Tool you can create your own pages for printing. In other words, you could view a list of your clients by which planets are strongest for each person. This is an invaluable feature for those just breaking into Jyotish.

In alliance with Richard Houck's new "Bits parshara Destiny" book, Parashara's Light offers two new kaksha reports, that enable you to see the number of kaksha's active on any day and thereby how resilient -- or prone to trouble -- you are that day. The program has very precise calculations and works well on computers with large or small screens including laptops.

This is a great electional astrology device. The added dynamic atlas lookup inserts the correct time zones for all muhurta, Dasha, and transit charts, and when using the time change tool. Planet Summary Reports The planet summary report is based on a highly authentic model of interpreting the effect of the planets in the chart.

The Location tool shows a map of the World, and allows softwxre to instantly relocate all of the charts, tables, listings, etc. Each worksheet can display 4, 6, 9, or 12 sections of information, depending upon the size of your computer screen, and how much information lighf want to see at once.

You can choose planetary entries into their own signs, nakshatras, navamsa, and degrees; softwware into signs, kakshas, nakshatras, subs, and sub-subs; and the beginning and end of sade sati. The scrolling of the reports is smooth and the report previews appear nicely broken up in individual pages.

Parashara's Light

Key benefits of Parashara's Light. These have a simple and elegant interface using pull-down menus, excellent tools for designing your own pages and charts, superbly easy-to-use customizing of colors and other display and calculation factorsWorld-class graphical transit printouts, and soctware ease of llight that makes reading the manual unnecessary. You can also copy, move and remove charts from a group just by the click of a mouse.

PL6's most major change is the enhancement of the worksheets.

You can select from natal and divisional charts, Prashna, Muhurta, Varshaphal, transit, and progressed charts, Nakshatra and Sarva Chancha Chakra circles, dasha and Varshaphal dasha listings, Jaimini karakas, and detailed tables that include dignity, Shad Bala values, lordships, avastas, and more.

The Parashara's Light version for Android devices has also just been released. We hope you all will love this feature! The program also finds all of the yogas for a person's chart from B. Online activation of Parashara's Light To save you the hassle and getting a password from your distributor, Parashara's Light is activated over teh internet. You can name each worksheet you design, save your favorite ones to the Charts menu, and display any worksheet quickly by pressing the first letter of its name pressing the letter more than once to cycle to the right one, if there are several worksheets starting with the same letter.

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