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It's important, because if anything will go wrong, you can bring your phone to working state. There are 2 methods: Holland China Brazil Age:

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Setool2 lite v.1.11 - User guide: Identify, GDFS Backup, Flashing, Patching, Unlocking

After few minutes Setool2 will ask if you setoop2 to remove patch. If you will flash wrong custiomization after flash you will see "Contact your network provider" message. Introduction - Setool2 lite v.

Here is list of phone, that you can crossflash use firmware from other model: If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.

It is file that will "wake up" your phone after patch apply.

Speed - sftool2 to Flashing - changing firmware. Cid 53 is not supported, but you can downgrade it using our online service or use other programs for cid 53, like far manager.

Download All Versions of SETool2 (Sony Ericson & LG Tooll) | All Tutor Flashing Rom

Choose your phone from the list, 2. This user guide contains a few parts: Phone should have RED colour - that's retail domain. After that connect turned off phone holding "c". Here you can add customization package, vkp patches, scripts etc. Make sure that you are using correct firmware for your phone model and cid version. setokl2

Please log in to reply. In Misc files add Quick Access patch with. Posted 01 May - Phone model - for Settool2 choose K or other from DB platform.

Just open your main. Originally Posted by unlocknas. Check "Bypass DB security" option, 3. First step - GDFS backup.

Reflash phone with this generic firmware, turn it on, wait for customization, turn off and try again to write this patch only.

This option will be used wetool2 patching DB platform. To make GDFS backup you should: When setool2 will ask if you want to remove patch, choose "NO".

Originally Posted by X. Your phone is patched now If you want to remove patch, just repeat procedure and in fifth point choose "YES".

BB code is On. Hello, Setool2 lite v. Patches are useful if we want to remove simlock, improve our phone functionality or protect it by password privacy patch. Flashing - firmware change. To apply patch search for patches desired for your phone model and firmware. If you will not do that - phone will be locked.

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