Sadly another example of the declining support for Windows Mobile. User Replied on October 2, Thomas De Weerdt Replied on April 9, User's post on October 3,

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And did you get any sd2go from that departement? Microsoft won't have anything to say about it. Utterly useless now in that respect, and money well wasted.

This is not what one would call an online service, it's a personally owned piece of equipment. Edubabble Replied on April 9, It does leave the question, will WD be releasing an app for windows mobile?

What a palaver though. Dd2go sadly could have an impact on the market attraction of the Windows Mobile platform, steering existing and prospective consumers away from Microsoft if this is a taste of trends to come in the marketplace?

Either way I firmly believe it is eroding the function and attraction of the Windows Mobile platform in this respect.

Western Digital MyCloud app "WD2Go" support and function has - Microsoft Community

User's post on October 3, User's post on October 2, User's post on October 2, I would assume the same to be honest, but if there were a chance that some contractual arrangement had been breached It seems WD are not interested in Windows Mobile users, and appear to have disregard for the fact that they sold, and continue to sell, devices advertised as compatible with mobile apps which are not compatible at all.

But do try your luck. In reply to Edubabble's post on October 3, My Lumia is a great device, but when the apps really aren't there anymore, it difficult to be loyal to MS.

I liked my own Cloud. My best recommendation it to post an idea for a Windows phone app for remote access in that drive's idea exchange. Not any more accessible. User Replied on October 2, Microsoft won't have anything to say about it.

I appreciate that, but the issue here is that WD have effectively removed the software that gives users access to their own personal home-based NAS drive Wd2gk

Money follows - it rarely leads. There are always peaks and valleys in all of life - including technology. Jerry Gintz Replied on Wd2bo 5, Hello all, I thought it pertinent to share with Microsoft a recent development with Western Digital.

In reply to A. Makes one wonder about WD's overall business model and their reliability as a service provider. Quote from their forum: A bit poor in my opinion, they should not have made this move in the first place.

Western Digital MyCloud app "WD2Go" support and function has been withdrawn by WD!

I think i have to buy synology or Qnap because this apps are working! Will update if I do get any news, in the meantime I understand that the WD forum team are forwarding my concerns on to the 'relevant' department While one company cannot necessarily be expected to pass comment on, or become involved in, the conduct or behaviour of another, if this is in breach of either a contractual arrangement or underpinning legislation I'd be very intrigued to learn what Wd2o have to say on this issue.

I recommend this discussion In reply to Jerry Gintz's post on July 5, I'm sure their counter argument will wd2goo to be the web-based login method, but that does not provide anywhere near the service anyone would expect of a "cloud storage" drive, nor the functionality it did provide when the app worked.

Hopefully, enough people will vote it up and get it noticed.

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