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Changing if one is down. I have programmed a 16f with code generated by PICC lite and after succesfull programing the chip now cannot be reprogrammed again - it hangs after entering programming mode. It was extremely popular in the s and early s, but today it has largely been superseded by a vast range of enhanced devices with compatible processor cores that are manufactured by more than 20 independent manufacturers. Or can I just recompile with

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Floor cleaning machine Started by Ktatavarthy Yesterday at 6: It is a programming tool for several types of PIC micro controller.

Hello everyone, I'm new to the group and I'd like to ask a question. They might help u out. Or can I just recompile with Choose category 1 arduino 3 atx 1 backlight 1 biquad 1 boiler 1 cable checker 1 capacitor plague 1 ccfl 1 ceiling fan 1 ct sensor 1 dell 1 DivX 1 dmr 1 energy monitor 1 ethernet 1 flyback transformer 1 fm 1 haier 1 high voltage 1 hp tx 1 ibm 1 intercom 1 inverter 1 irda 1 lcd 2 led backlight 1 led monitor 1 m1-da 1 mega 1 myvi 1 notebook 1 noxxa 1 optical mouse 1 oscillator 1 perodua 1 pic microchip 1 PIC16F 1 power supply 2 pressure cooker 1 projector 1 psu 1 remote controlled 1 repair 1 smps 2 spdif 1 spi 1 syncmaster nw 1 telephone 2 thermo pot 1 toslink 1 touch switch 1 transmitter 1 triac 1 vga 1 w 1 warmer 1 wlan antenna 1 yi dashcam 1.

Until now, I succesfully used 16f's for my robot-projects. I need to use an External Oscilator for my 16F This picture shows the main screen, set to write to a PIC12C, with a file already loaded and the filename displayed at the top.

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I've written what I think should work, but no luck so far. But I have got the problem, that when I want to have i. This feature helped to cement the 's popularity in industrial control applications. Address Bus - 16 bit address bus. I've had a lot of requests for sinpicprog circuit diagram for a winpicprot, so you can download the diagram for the P16PRO40 programmer here, this works nicely with my software, and is one of the programmers I use.

That's why I ask about the voltage being high enough, because I know that is one reason why it might not program correctly.

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Two level interrupt priority. You can get in cheap from eBay. The MC website 1.911 it will program it, but not debug it without an adapter. Constructed on plugboard, no soldering.

Two 16 - bit Up-Counter. I've no plan to use them in the near future.

Convert program code from 16F84 to 16F?? However, when I try to program a 16F on the same target board programming fails on the first location. Below is the code I'm using. Welcome to iwnpicprog site! The FPU can handle complicated expressions up to its limit of 16 registers.

P16PRO40 programmer strip board layout

I have C source for a project, it was written for the 16F Newer Post Older Post Home. Site also has links to many other digital electronic circuits.

The 's predecessor, thewas used in the iwnpicprog of the first IBM PC, where it converted keypresses into the serial data stream which is sent to the main unit of the computer. Also available 3 1.19 books for GBP 4. Posted by peter at 5: Less components and more functions. Projects Code fragments, tips, and techniques including: Founded in in response to the Soviet launching of Sputnik Satellite in whose signal could be picked up by electronics enthusiasts round the world.

Incidentally, I have no connection to Micromega, and have unfortunately never even received a free sample from them. Looking to design schematics from mobile Started by itnithand Yesterday at 9:

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