Attended by 14, women, activists and feminists from mainly non-Western countries, it was the first occasion of that scale to stage worldwide encounters and exchanges of ideas. Shifted from a familiar mental movement, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle – in between things, between this and that sense, between one fiction and many others. Sophie Ristelhueber Portrait de l’artiste en alter [group show] 28 Apr – 04 Sep. Sophie Ristelhueber Paysages français. Working with sound, film, performance, and objects, Kiwanga relies on extensive research to transform raw information into investigations of historical narratives and their impact on political, social, and community formation.

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Sophie Ristelhueber Paysages français. Opening April 24th at 4pm free shuttle bus from Opéra Bastille 3. Tout ce qui se dessine ici converge. Extended presents the work of female artists who deal with non-anthropocentric, organic tenses and question the biewer time patterns. Les marchés du Cloud et du Datacenter ont de beaux jours devant eux! Politics refugees, poetic refugees Visual poetry and performance of the artist. Déjà 47 sociétés inscrites à l’éditionà 5 mois de l’évènement.

To what extent is the crisis something new and self-contained, and to what extent is it inherent in the internal dynamics of the Enlightenment? Flows » tangible in their processuality and visual impressiveness.

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The show will run until January 9, Official Website of 6th Moscow biennale. The show includes Kapwani Kiwanga’s reconstruction of a floral arrangement found on the negotiation table during the talks between the delegation of The Liberation Front of Mozambique Frelimo and the Portuguese on September 7, that led to Portugal’s formal recognition of Mozambique’s right to independence.

The originality of this program is based on a new connection between three privileged actors: Indeed, history and geography forged the middle east as well as fractured it. Kapwani Kiwanga 17 Feb.


Practices developed in Western countries—that have viewfr experience in accommodating foreigners—are not always humane, and by no means provide long-term or comforting resolutions for people who are forced to leave their home countries. Getlink fait voyager ses factures fournisseurs 2 fois plus vite grâce à Esker.

For Larissa Fassler, observing, describing, and naming are strategies to make different realities visible, an approach she believes leads to a deeper understanding of a place, or that counters assumptions, blindness, or even refusals to see reality.

In contemporary artistic practice, however, space is defined above all socially and politically – by traumatic historical events, home country, exile, diaspora and hybrid identities, such as African-American, Latino, Turkish-German, African-Brazilian, and so forth.

Viewr imagine alternative presents and futures as well as making us aware of the histories of the built environment, urban and rural, that surrounds and shapes us. At GB11, attention is directed to artworks and projects addressing the agency of art in terms of the question, what does art do? In an era when humanity is facing new challenges posed by big data, bioengineering and climate change, Whitechapel Gallery has invited ten groups of artists, architects and other cultural practitioners to explore the potential of collaboration and offer their visions of the future.

Stories of horror scenes, cannibalism and images of the end of the world were told by the survivors.

Téléchargement de Tun 2016

Sophie Ristelhueber Paysages français. Artforum international, OctoberVol. Yona Friedman Mobile Architecture. A smooth aquatic road movie. Poétique du sabotage [group show] 10 Feb – 30 Apr.

And how their highly personal analysis of painted surface implicates a play between painting and sculpture: The prize exhibition, featuring works by eight artists displayed in the Foundation’s own premises and the adjoining cinema, highlights not only the diversity of artistic practices on the modern art scene but above all the prevalence of contemporary iconography drawing on images bearing some relation to current affairs or simply marked by the information circuit.


Galerie Jérôme Poggi, News

Le DSI doit reprendre le contrôle des données de l’entreprise. Pictures and textiles from eskeg property of the City of Ostrava have replaced artworks by the winners of the Jind? With a vieqer appetite for exploring different pockets of knowledge, she has tackled subjects as far ranging as space travel, anti-colonial struggles, geology and disciplinary architectures.

Julien Crépieux Pavillon avec vue 06 Oct – 13 Es,er. Fayçal Baghriche Ideologue 05 Feb – 23 Jul. Kiwanga thereby recalls the application of color theory to the conditions of learning, surveillance, healing, and care. Peace Treaty is a project with an international scope which comprises a collection of exhibitions, contemporary artistic productions, publications, seminars and conferences on the representation of peace in the history of art, culture and law.

Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux-arts, Paris. Made of reconstructions and simulacra, Maxime Vieqer work is an invitation to grasp this element of relentless uncertainty, which is part and parcel of our reality.

Sophie Ristelhueber

Babi Badalov is an Azeri artist and poet. Kapwani Kiwanga performance 17 Nov. The eighth climate of the exhibition’s title refers to a state one might reach using imaginative capacities.

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