Comparison with Greek, Cyrillic and Latin texts set in sans serif Calibri reveals a slight resemblance — not a surprise as their respective capitals show similarities too — but the texture of Tii- nagh unveils its cursive provenance, making it completely different and unique Figure 5. Tinmlt Sin includes guiding lines baseline, x- Handwriting trials following the Tinmlt height, ascenders and descenders revealing unmistakably its aim as Sin model. The same variety can be observed in the inter-letter spaces, with combinations that are not always possible to ix satisfactorily with kerning Figure 2. Etude comparative entre les inscriptions libyques de la berberie centrale Algerie et la berberie occidentale Maroc. Imprimerie Nationale, 2nd edition Imprimerie Nationale. These works were carried out by the Centre for Language Planning cal and the Centre for Informatics Studies, Information Systems and Commu- nication ceisic together with other external institutions.

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Bibliothèque nationale de France. As a result, the Amazigh language adopted other scripts over history and it uses three different writing systems nowadays Figure 1. However, some see it as a colonial imposition that would keep Amazigh people away from Islam Lounaouci Adaptations, that is, alterations aimed at an easier rendi- tion of the letterforms, like stroke torsion, angle rounding, changes in starting and inishing points, resizing, relocation, displacement or sloping. This hand, revived in the Renaissance at the time when tifinaghh irst printers arrived in Italy, formed the basis of the irst humanist types, which preserved not only its clear style but also the use of two categories of letters for different purposes — a characteristic that is still with us today.

Polices et claviers UNICODE | Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe

This remarkable project comprised not only two variants of the Tii- nagh script — for writing either from left to right or from right to left — but also the Arabic and the Latin scripts, allowing the writing of the Amazigh language in any of the three scripts.


There is neither a long typographical tradition nor a variety of type styles that could form the basis for any further designs. Un- like hierarchy schemes, capitalisation entered the realm of gram- mar. They certainly match the name used by Lguensat — cursive stylisée Figure 5. Original size not speciied. Colonisation or methods of domination are proposed as explanations for this Fouad conference A master frame Pichler b: One of the few facts beyond discussion is the irst dated inscription found: Doctoral thesis Prasse, Karl-G.

Punches were cut in by Bertrand Loeulliet un- der the direction of Hanoteau himself Imprimerie Nationale Historical dictionary of the berbers Imazighen.

tifinagh latin ircam

It was the common script for the Amazigh manuscripts written in the Middle Tiffinagh see Section 3. Concerning typeface design, ircam have published more than 25 digital fonts since Again, the uppercase set is missing. Re- garding its design, it is modulated according to a vertical axis and its proportions are more traditional, with longer ascenders and descenders. Whether it becomes a successful model, however, will depend not only on its suitabil- ity, but also on how it is fostered by governmental institutions and Amazigh communities.

Very especial thanks to Itxas and Manu. However, having two ways of writing an alphabet does not make it bicameral.

tifinagh latin ircam

As seen in Section 2. The irst decade of the 21st century witnesses a profusion of new Tiinagh fonts. This characteristic, along with their larger size, makes them ideal for discriminating between el- ements of greater ircm and plain text.

Besides, its new status as oficial language from suggests that it will probably start to be used in oficial docu- ments and communications as well as other eminently symbolic media such as stamps or bank notes. They are mostly dis- play fonts that do not address the speciic problems of the Tiinagh script in long texts — namely readability and style tifonagh.


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Imprimerie Nationale, 3rd edition Khadaoui, Ali. Comment transférer et installer un nouveau template Blogger. Its crit- points out that it has also been regarded as ics claim, however, that it is totally disconnected from the current a threat to Arab Muslim identity Boukous Interestingly, this perception raises another rare question in the domains of writing and typeface design, as it reverses the natural sequence of events: Anyway, it is arguably the most typographic of the lowercase fonts and an interesting domain for further experi- mentation titinagh development.

Connections that may happen at letter level: The irst examples of Neotiinagh alphabets came into existence at a time when the standardisation of the script was still under- way see Section 2. Thames and Hudson Harper, Douglas.

Polices et claviers UNICODE

Reductions that might be due to omission of superluous details, merging of close parts or skeleton simpliication. The Aménagement graphique de tiinaghe — tifihagh study commissioned by the ircam from Mr Mohammed Lguensat — is meant to lay the foundations of both, a minuscule cursive adapted to the ergonomics of the hand, and the basis latinn the development of a Tiinagh lowercase that will al- low an actual bicameralism and, consequently, enrich the graphic repertoire of the Tiinagh script.

However, some see it as a colonial imposition that would keep Amazigh people away from Islam Lounaouci In any case, it is apparent that, whichever choice is made, it goes far beyond the practicalities of typography and communication.